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[Reading] ➶ Twenty-one Truths About Love  Author Matthew Dicks – Addwebsites.info Radical, Extraordinary, And Profoundly HumanTaylor Jenkins Reid Daniel Mayrock Loves His Wife Jill Than Anything Dan Quit His Job And Opened A Bookshop Jill Is Ready To Have A Baby Dan Is Scared The Bookshop Isn T Doing Well Financial Crisis Is Imminent Dan Hasn T Told Jill About Their Financial Trouble He S Ashamed Then Jill Gets PregnantThis Heartfelt Story Is About The Lengths One Man Will Go To And The Risks He Will Take To Save His Family But Dan Doesn T Just Want To Save His Failing Bookstore And His Family S Finances He Wants To Become Someone Dan Wants To Do Something Special He S A Man Who Is Tired Of Feeling Ordinary He S Sick Of Feeling Like A Failure Of Living In The Shadow Of His Wife S Deceased First HusbandDan Is Also An Obsessive List Maker, And His Story Unfolds Entirely In His Lists, Which Are Brimming With Dan S Hilarious Sense Of Humor, Unique World View, And Deeply Personal Thoughts When Read In Full, His Lists Paint A Picture Of A Man Struggling To Be A Man, A Man Who Has Reached A Point Where He S Willing To Anything For The Love And Soon To Be New Love Of His Life

10 thoughts on “Twenty-one Truths About Love

  1. Meredith Meredith says:

    I was going to create my own list comprised of twenty one truths about this book, but I realized I only needed one I loved Twenty one Truths About Love Twenty one Truths About Love is a humorous, quirky, and endearing read about one man s fears, anxiety about impending fatherhood, feelings mostly of inadequacy , and the minutiae of daily life all detailed in the lists t

  2. Fran Fran says:

    We lie most often to the people we love Time passes, lies multiply, and arguably a situation worsens Case in point, Dan Mayrock s expenses which are outpacing his income at the bookstore he opened after leaving teaching Jill, his pregnant wife, is being kept in the dark, led to believe the bookstore is profitable Financial disaster is looming on the horizon.Dan is overwhelmed a

  3. Larry H Larry H says:

    Things I enjoyed about this book 1 The fact the book was written entirely in lists was really creative.2 Amidst everything that went on in the book, it s really a story about love, fear, and family.3 Many of Dan s thoughts are surprisingly on par with mine.Things I didn t enjoy about this book 1 The list format started to wear me down.2 There was one particular plotline that I foun

  4. Cheri Cheri says:

    4.5 StarsSeven years ago I read Matthew Dicks Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend and loved it, so I was anxious to check out his latest, Twenty one Truths About Love While the idea of a novel written entirely in lists sounds a bit out of the ordinary, the reality is that this one allows the reader to slowly get to know Daniel Mayrock, his personal insecurities about his ma

  5. Bam cooks the books ;-) Bam cooks the books ;-) says:

    What A novel made up entirely of lists That s either extremely innovative or just plain crazy OkayI m coming down on the side of innovative because you know what I thought those lists did work to tell this story Reason for Dan s lists He saw a therapist who suggested journaling, which he thought sucked So list making was a compromise and is now a habit, a way to think things out and make s

  6. Katie B Katie B says:

    When I read the publisher synopsis for this one, I instantly was intrigued The entire story is told by lists the male protagonist, Dan, has written Yes, lists At first glance when you flip thru the pages, it sure doesn t look like a typical story But give this one a chance as somehow the author manages to pull off a pretty decent story while doing so in an unusual way.Dan loves his wife Jill a

  7. Rylee Rylee says:

    Oh my gosh I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway and I read it in ONE DAY Yes the listing makes it a fast read but I could not stop I was laughing and crying throughout the whole thing Amazingly written I didn t think that through listing there could be such a well developed story but it was One that I ll forever be recommending.

  8. Andy Winder Andy Winder says:

    This was a cute and lighthearted read It reminded me of David Sedaris which the narrator seems to admire a lot meets The Storied Life of AJ Fikry I enjoyed the list format and thought the overall feel was reminiscent of a romantic comedy There was one major plot point in the book that confused me won t name specifics because spoilers because of how drastic it was and also how quickly it was wrapped up

  9. Laura Harrison Laura Harrison says:

    Darn near impossible not to read this all in one sitting I am a sucker for books that have anything at all to do with bookstores Entertaining, enjoyable read

  10. Jamie beauty_andthebook_ Jamie beauty_andthebook_ says:

    Having absolutely loved Dicks Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, I was beyond excited for Twenty one Truths About Love, especially when I saw that Taylor Jenkins Reid blurbed the cover Unfortunately, this book didn t work quite as well for me as Memoirs did A 300 page book written entirely in lists Sounds interesting, right At the onset, the format felt fresh and fun and lent itself to a quick read, but quickly,

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